Guillermo Burgos Teixidó (Born in Rosario, Argentina, 1964) began his formal guitar studies in 1978 and, in 1980, enters the National Conservatory of Music of Rosario. Also he studied guitar and music special: Electric Guitar, Improvisation in Jazz, Folklore and Latin American rhythms, arrangements, orchestration and composition, Ear Training, Voice and Piano.

He was a disciple of important classical guitar masters as Oscar Cáceres and Juan José Falú. He has also had as teachers to other important musicians of diverse musical styles as Lucho Gonzalez in folklore, Fernando Otero in classic and Tango, Walter Malosetti, Javier Cohen and Fernando Zaldivar in jazz, and Raquel Escalante Larguía in singing.

From a very young man passionately devoted to the lutherie, and learned the trade as an autodidact and observing the work of master luthiers as José Yacopi, the great Spanish luthier based in Argentina.

His career as a concert of classical music begins with Fantasía para un Gentilhombre by Joaquín Rodrigo.

He has composed and produced music for independent film and theater in Argentina and Spain. As a partner together with the argentine-indian flute player Tukuta Gordillo, include the short film Argies for the BBC about the Falklands War and the feature film La última siembra, and others about the province of Jujuy, all by director Miguel Pereyra.

Also with Tukuta Gordillo take a part in the recordings Por el Paso de Jama and Yawar America.

Alongside his work as a guitarist, it operates as a builder of stringed instruments in his own workshop in Ciudad Real, Spain. He recently built Spanish Renaissance instruments for the permanent exhibition of the Museum of Hidalgo in the city of Alcazar de San Juan.

Design the guitars he uses in his concerts as the artistic needs of the repertoire.

Since 1987 he teaches guitar at various institutions in Argentina and Spain.

Willy Burgos en su taller